ARCC Building — How to Get Ready in Slow Motion

I have been taking a few classes on business trying to get ready for Animal Rehab & Conditioning Center (ARCC) to open. The contractors, phone lines, computer programs, product, and all the other little items seem to be piling up.

I am feeling very overwhelmed and on top of it all I lose my 16-year-old pet to old age. I felt very behind others in my business marketing class because I didn’t have a website and a lot of the following lessons built upon the website.

Family obligations meant I also had to take a few days and go out of town. Since we were flying, I was unable to load up all the homework, notebooks, and all the other paraphernalia along with the computer. I was totally stressed thinking about leaving in the middle of everything but it had to be done.

I spent the next 3 days in a whirlwind of activity that can only be experienced by having family in the same general area but all intent that you spend every last minute with them. I hardly had time to breathe let alone think about homework. I came home somewhat relaxed but also worried about how to make the time up with everything that I had to accomplish. I must admit that I had a fairly good time being away from it all and it probably helped me to focus a little better when I got back.

I came home with a clear head and was able to focus on the tasks at hand. I accomplished a lot more that first day back than I had in the previous week prior to the family obligation. It was an AHA moment.

Sometimes you have to walk away to see the forest instead of just seeing trees.

This is why a lot of times when I discuss pain in pets, the owners don’t see it; they are looking at the trees. It takes another perspective, a different view, to help bring it into focus. Is it because they aren’t looking? No, it’s because they are too close to the situation and need to walk back a bit to see.

I feel that a lot of pet owners are doing what they think is the best for their pet and they are – but sometimes you need a different view and I am here to help. I am paying attention to the forest for your pet; I see the bigger picture and want to help you and your pet focus on living healthy and happy lives together. I’ll admit that sometimes my view gets narrow and I may need you to help me center my sight but we can work together.

Spend time with your pet, take a little time off from the worries and problems that we all have every day, walk away and relax – see if that can help you get back to the heart of your life. Know that your pet is there to lead you along with path with great love, fun, and single-mindedness. Have fun!