♦   Whether competing at a national or local level, Dr. Kennedy sees all canine athletes.  Canine rehabilitation patients ranging from pets with orthopedic or neurologic surgeries, sports injuries, arthritis and mobility issues, or weight issues are all seen at ARCC.

♦   Dr. Kennedy’s services include an evaluation for each and every patient.  A physical examination along with a thorough history concerning medications, neutriceuticals, alternative therapies, home environment, diet, exercise and comfort level for your pet will be performed.  Your goals and expectations will be discussed with Dr. Kennedy who will then formulate a treatment plan.

♦   Dr. Kennedy works with senior pets along with pets that need to lose weight.  ARCC’s facility includes hydrotherapy, exercise equipment and outdoor arena for that extra space needed for high energy workouts.  ARCC even has boarding for your pet during treatment, recovery, weight loss, or conditioning.



♦Underwater Treadmill


♦Land Treadmill

♦PST – Pulsed Signal Therapy

♦Therapeutic Lasers

♦FitPaws Exercise Equipment


♦Massage therapy

♦Exercise Yard

♦Pain Management