You’re going to love it. The renovation will be give her an impressive facility that will certainly meet all our needs very, very well. Then, she has plenty of space and options available to her there. Lemme tell you what – we’re set. We’re all set for great rehab care now without driving for hours. Thank goodness.

‎Catherine Morton

As a competitor in Obedience Trials, Hunt Test and Field Trials my Labrador Retrievers have had their share of sport related injuries. Dr. Kennedy is always ready with a rehabilitation and conditioning plan. I rely on her knowledge, experience and personable approach to keep my dogs happy and healthy. During treatments, Dr. Kennedy is gentle and keeps the best interest of the dog to heart. Thank you Dr. Kennedy for always going that extra mile…you’re the best!

Cat Perry & Wyatt

My young dog, Kick was injured training for hunt tests. She had a severe shoulder injury that left me uncertain if she could compete again in the field or the obedience ring.

After searching for the right Rehab Specialist, we located Dr. Dicki Kennedy. After examining Kick, she put into action a plan that not only got Kick on the road to recovery but able to compete at a level in the obedience ring to win.

Kick is now pain free and competing well, thanks to Dr. Kennedy.

Thanks Dr. Kennedy!

Donna & Kick

performance injury, rehab, conditioning, ARCC, animal rehab and conditioning, Greenville, Simpsonville, iliopsoas, muscl tears, laser treatment, Dr. Kennedy, canine Never having a performance injury, I was lost when my 5-year-old Golden was diagnosed with bilateral Iliopsoas muscle tears. I was thankful when I was referred to Dr. Kennedy for laser treatment.

Dr. Kennedy did all of Maya’s laser treatments and helped me with her conditioning work. She kept me on track with Maya’s rehab.

I am so glad to have this kind of treatment for our canine partners close to home.

Thanks again, Dr. Kennedy, for getting us back in the ring.

Pam and Maya