Happy New Year!

I wanted to thank all of you for your support and love this year — you have made it a fabulous year with lots of fun, a few tears and a ton of laughter.

I have opened a clinic, made a ton of new friends, took dogs to model in a pet fashion show on TV, interviewed on TV, interviewed on the radio, gave a talk to the local veterinarians, gave a talk to some kennel clubs, gave a talk to the SC Veterinary Technician meeting, became a certified massage therapist for animals and a certified animal chiropractor; it has been a whirlwind time.

We have also had some sadness during the year by losing some family members — both furred and un-furred and I have said goodbye to some great pets.

Here is a video of the events of the last year along with a ton of pet shots — hope you enjoy it! Have a great and safe New Year!

I think I did that right but if not — the youtube channel is:

ARCC – Animal Rehab & Conditioning Center



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