Nose Art

Zeus enjoying laser therapy

Zeus enjoying laser therapy

I wrote this article at the beginning of this year when we lost our old boy and then in quick secession our older girl. I didn’t post it at the time because frankly it was too painful. Last week a very special patient crossed over and I want to dedicate this post to him. Zeus, you will be missed.

I got to thinking about my nose art. If you don’t own a dog you won’t have any clue what I am talking about but those who have those paws on their hearts immediately relate.

We have these smeared shadowy marks on anything that can retain an imprint, especially car windows, sliding glass doors, and any shining object within nose reach.

My dog, Polly, was a Picasso when it came to this art form. This art use to drive me crazy to find it on every window reaching to at least toddler size, but then Polly became ill.

She and I went to the specialist every couple of weeks and the paintings on my rear windows became crowded. We lost Polly that summer and our hearts were totally devastated.

I washed the car a week or so after our loss. I shined and cleaned everything; everything except the back windows. Those nose prints that had drove me crazy for years were scattered all over – I couldn’t wipe them off.

My husband noted the area but didn’t comment. For almost two years we rode around in a clean car with nose prints on the back windows.

Eventually we could bring ourselves to clean those windows although I must admit that it was almost like losing her again when we did.

We since then have lost another four legged family member that rode around with my husband. He has been gone for a few months now.

I recently got in my husband’s truck to go somewhere with him. There is nose art on my window – I think it may stay for quite a while. I know it will always stay on my heart and his.

Hold them dear — Dicki


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