It Takes a Village

The Big Goof -- I love this dog! He is so funny!

The Big Goof — I love this dog! He is so funny!

I have been working with a few pets in rehab for a long time — months and some for even a few years. I have traveled to people’s homes, to dog shows, training facilities and even had them come to my home. When we opened this facility at the beginning of the year I knew that a few friends were standing behind me and I hoped that it would be enough.

I worried about the veterinary community — would they refer to me, would they see me as an asset or a threat, would I make it in this new enterprise? I have worked relief since opening the place off and on to help pay the bills until this thing flies.

The other day a hospital receptionist was so excited about how much of a difference we made in one patient’s life — his weight loss, his ability to walk again, and how happy he seems to be.

I have given talks to veterinarians, to breeders, to kennel clubs, to breed clubs and even had an interview with the local TV station. It has amazed me how this has come together — I have been offered these opportunities through clients and even strangers who have heard what I do and want to help.

The screen printing shop who helped me get the interview on TV, the client who called a friend and got me an interview on the radio, the clients who tell other people about what I have done for them — it didn’t really hit me until the other day when a friend who I have known for a few years said as we were working on her dog — it takes a village.

We have moved very slowly through her pet’s rehab and even though he has wanted to tear around like a crazy dog; we have curtailed him. Co-workers, trainers, massage therapists — we have all worked to help heal him. He is doing wonderfully and we are all proud of him.

The same goes for my favorite girl — she knows who she is — we have worked for a long time and we have had many people who have helped with her rehab; it took a village.

It’s not quite the holidays but I would like to thank everyone who has made this year memorable — you have held my hand, talked me through it, followed directions, and helped to make me feel successful. I am thankful for the village I live in — Have a great week!


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