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I missed doing my blog yesterday — sorry but I have been under the weather. Dutchess came to see me because she has a possible subluxation in her back which causes her to chew and scratch at herself constantly. This subluxation is painful and the only way she can treat it herself is to try and make it stop which makes her a little cranky. We have been using the laser, hydrotherapy and acupuncture but still Dutchess is not feeling the love for palpating her back.

Today we are starting with a Back on Track jacket and balance exercises to help strengthen her core. The Back on Track jacket should warm the whole back up and with a little exercise maybe we can get close to doing an adjustment. I did recruit an extra pair of hands to help today so hopefully today is the day.

Watch the video and see how much movement Dutchess gets with just moving her head for treats. The video will be uploaded to youtube on the ARCC — Animal Rehab & Conditioning Center.

Dutchess does a great job!

Dutchess in her Doggles

Dutchess in her Doggles

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