You’ve Got Mail!

Bailey waiting on her mail.

Bailey waiting on her mail.

I don’t know about you all but I love getting mail (of course, not bills). I love email, text mail, voice mail and especially snail mail. I love the excitement of not knowing what it is, who is it from, what do they want — my husband finds me weird (he married me) but I love it anyway. So needless to say, I check the mail box on my computer and on the road at least once a day; okay, who am I kidding, I check email multiple times a day.

So it was with great excitement last week to get a card. I couldn’t wait to open it up so I carried it straight inside to my desk and opened it; it was for Bailey, she is a patient who is staying at the clinic. Bailey’s mother had sent her a card telling her how much she missed her — I was disappointed that it wasn’t for me but I read it to Bailey and rejoiced in her happiness.

The next day — another card, surely this one was for me — no, it was another card for Bailey from her family. I read the card to Bailey and told her how much her family missed her. Now I must say this is not a blatant plea for mail but I was a little jealous of Bailey because she was getting more mail than I.

I spoke with Bailey’s mom and she noted that the cat, Bobbie, had sent a card that should show up in the next day. I can’t wait to see what the cat has to say and I know Bailey loves these little missives from home.

I finally gave in this morning and helped Bailey write a note back to her family. It was fun writing it down for her and I can’t wait to send it; maybe they will enjoy the mail as much as I do!

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