Be Unique!

I couldn't get a picture of the goose so I gave you one of my "unique" baby!

I couldn’t get a picture of the goose so I gave you one of my “unique” baby!

I saw a white goose by the side of the road a few years ago and could not understand why a domestic goose was walking along 385N in Simpsonville. I got closer and realized that it was not a domestic goose but had some gray coloring to it. I watched this young goose, just barely adult size, make her way into the resident Canadian Geese and become a part of the flock.

Over the years I have watched for her to return and each year she comes back with them. She has found a mate and has raised her own babies. Now I don’t know for sure that she is a Canadian goose, maybe she is a Snow Goose or a subspecies of Canadian Geese, but the point is that she took control and was herself.

This goose has continued with her flock for years and each year it becomes a contest to see how early I can spot her — she amazes me and I love to see her. This year has almost gone and I did not see her until last Friday driving home. I looked over in the field at the flock and there she was; I got excited and called my husband immediately to let him know she was still alive and kicking.

This goose has lived her whole life in a flock that looks totally different, has made herself a valued part of the society in which she lives, and has raised her babies. The flock took a few days to get use to her in the beginning but eventually they no longer saw her differences and made her part of their family.

As pet owners we all know that our “fur” children are very different; we may want to compare them to a pet in the past but they will never be that pet – they are unique. Our pets have different personalities, different habits, and respond to us differently but in the end we accept them for who they are and they become a part of our “flock”.

Get out there — find your uniqueness and live it to its fullest.

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