Weight Loss Wins!

BJ in the underwater treadmill

BJ in the underwater treadmill

Hey everybody! It has been a week — I don’t know about you but I was glad for the weekend.

I wanted to give a big shout out to a pet who is working hard along with his mother, grandmother and rehab vet! BJ started coming in to ARCC because he could not walk in the rear — he was 31.1 pounds and he had a cruciate problem which hurt so he just kind of gave up. He was scooting himself around and when you did stand him up he would collapse so we started him on some home exercise, a diet that his referring vet recommended and underwater treadmill (uwtm) sessions.

BJ wasn’t overly fond of the underwater treadmill but it was a way to safely work on his strength in his legs, help him to lose weight and not hurt the already injured knee joint.

BJ’s mom bought a kiddy pool and the days he wasn’t here with us at ARCC he was home walking in the pool. BJ was on a strict diet and we began to see the weight loss; he still wouldn’t walk but could support himself when he was placed in the standing position.

Over the next few visits the owners reported that he stood up on his own, then he took a couple of steps, and he has steadily increased his walking along with his weight loss.

Last week BJ came in and there was a story of running from grandma and walking all over; I was ecstatic. We weighed BJ and he is now 24.8 pounds! That is astounding and he feels so much better; he still has his mother wrapped around his finger but he is improving daily.

I wanted to let people know that diet, exercise and diligence has led to this pet getting a second chance on life. It’s hard to not overfeed and it is easy to just say that they are old and this is normal for aging pets but it isn’t. We can all be vibrant and lively even to an advanced age.

BJ proves this everyday he comes into the clinic — thanks BJ for reminding us that age is not a disease!

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