Another Exciting Week!

Cassidy will be modeling Haute Doggie fashions with studs, skulls, and tutus!

Cassidy will be modeling Haute Doggie fashions with studs, skulls, and tutus!

Hello all — I have had another jam packed week and it has been exciting so I thought I would share it with you.

I gave a talk last Tuesday to the local veterinarian group about rehabilitation and what they can do in their clinics. It was frightening but it went well and I was asked some very good questions, complimented by quite a few and hopefully taught them a thing or two about pain management in their hospitals.

My dance group went to Greenville Glen, an assisted living facility, to entertain the residents. Most of them appeared sleepy and they were a very quiet group, but there were a couple of wild women who danced with us. These women were a hoot! I loved it!

I then gave another talk to the Cherokee Foothills Norwegian Elkhound Club about conditioning their pets. It was another lively discussion and I enjoyed speaking with them. Hopefully, they learned something to take home and use for their pets.

Lauren, a friend of mine, who is starting a Pet Fashion Association this weekend called to say that she had an interview scheduled with a TV station. Lauren lives in Chicago and the station wanted her to bring a few pets and put on a fashion show while promoting her association; of course she says yes! Well it turns out the TV station is in Charlotte!

Lauren calls frantic looking for dogs to be models — I tried to help but had a hard time finding pets for her. Long story short — I am taking a client’s dog Lenox, my two girls and Rocket to Charlotte tomorrow to do a fashion show!

Now when I was growing up, I just knew that I would be a world famous veterinarian (James Herriot’s fault) and I would be on TV saving the animals. Well be careful what you wish for because it could come true — maybe not quite the way you thought but it could come true. So now my two dogs, along with Rocket and Lenox, are going to be famous and on TV while I just become the handler and chauffeur — lol! Not only that but they will be better dressed than I and in more expensive clothes!

I will be at Waggin’ in the Water Park this weekend in Greer — come by and see me. Til then, have a great week!

Wild women at Greenville Glen -- what a hoot!

Wild women at Greenville Glen — what a hoot!



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