Saying Goodbye to Summer

There's no place like home!

There’s no place like home!

Well, the summer is coming to an end and fall is just around the corner. I am finally back from Kansas with a successful completion and certification of the chiropractic course. There are a lot of events coming up over the next few weeks. Just when I thought I would get to rest a little, I have to get started full force again but it is all in fun.

I spent the weekend at the Waggin’ in the Water Park event at Discovery Island and I must say those dogs were having crazy fun! There were games of chase, ball, swimming, wrestling, lots of cookies from all the vendors and that was just the owners — lol! I must admit that I predict there were a lot of sore dogs and sore owners the next day. I could not tell who was getting the most exercise.

One of my favorite pets was a little Boston Terrier — he kept going to the other booths and getting large bone treats which he would bring to me, drop gently in front of me and then beg for my treats which he would eat. I had a little row of bones where he kept going and coming back; at one point, he even walked up to a cute little girl and dropped the bone in front of her before coming to me for the “good treat”. He was the cutest thing ever!

Another favorite was a small poodle who obviously really didn’t like the swimming part but was a ball fanatic! The tennis ball was about as big as his whole body but he would tear down the sidewalk to get the ball, bring it back to his owner, and then gently nudge it until the owner threw it again.

So this coming week I am giving 2 different talks — one to the local veterinarians and the other to the local Norwegian Elkhound club along with work, life, and the pursuit of the last days of summer. I enjoy when the weather begins to cool off a little. Then on the 21st we get to do the other Waggin’ in the Water Park only this one is in Greer — hope to have as much fun at this next one as I had this weekend.

Enjoy these days of summer and take some time out to just play. Here are some pictures of the weekend for all of us to enjoy —

Gotta ball!

Gotta ball!

Family affair -- everybody swims!

Family affair — everybody swims!

Chillin' at the water park!

Chillin’ at the water park!

Dachshund swimming his heart out!

Dachshund swimming his heart out!

waiting patiently to go back in -- right!

waiting patiently to go back in — right!

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