Time is Flying By

Time is Flying By ........

Time is Flying By ……..

I don’t know about you but it seems that this year is flying by me.

Have you ever noticed that when you want something to happen that it takes forever and then when you aren’t paying attention it is suddenly there?

That is how this year has done me — I couldn’t wait to get open and I had so many plans about what I was going to do and how I was going to do it and it dragged by so slow. Then we were open and suddenly I couldn’t get anything done because it was happening so fast.

The summer has done the same thing to me!¬† I know I have been working a lot of hours, I am doing some relief work and I am taking classes along with the rest of my life but really — why aren’t there more hours in the day?

I suffer from the same addiction as most everyone — I want to do it all and it is just not possible. I think I need an intervention — oh wait that is what vacation is for!

I know a lot of you out there are the same as me and you are trying to put too much stuff to do in 1 day. I am a list maker¬† — I love to make a list of things I need to do, want to do, need to get, etc. and then it gives me great pleasure to mark them off the list. I do this every single day and I use a program to help me with the list.

The list has been getting longer and longer — don’t get me wrong I am checking things off and it looks like I am doing a lot but then there are things that I have been meaning to do for a long time and keep avoiding them.

I need to get them off the list — somehow, someway — I know I will do them all over the weekend in between going to the farm for homework, meeting my book club, getting groceries, laundry, cleaning house….oh no

The point of this whole article is to remind ourselves that we need to take time and recharge, refuel, and just reset.

I took about 5 minutes last night to work with my girls on the FitPAWS equipment — I stopped doing all the little things that take up time and just spent the time with my dogs.

Those 5 minutes meant a lot to them because they basically wander around behind me after I get home from work and sneak in a few little pets when I am distracted but those 5 minutes of intentional attention was heaven.

They got mom totally focused on them and I got the quiet time I needed to unwind. I could have used a lot more but it was more than I had gotten in a few days — it was great and so easy!

Take time this week to reconnect with your family, friends and pets by just focusing on one task for a few minutes. Don’t think about the list, the laundry, the groceries — just feel the moment!

Have a great week!



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