Chiropractic Update – Getting the Awe Factor!

Classmates in Options for Animals class -- note all the candy

Classmates in Options for Animals class — note all the candy

Hello all — it has been a very long week. Kansas was not too bad and the weather was actually sunny; something we haven’t seen much of in South Carolina this year.

The hard part about Kansas is sitting in the chairs all day long listening to lecture and trying very hard not to nod off. It’s not that the material isn’t interesting (okay sometimes it is not interesting) but that it is tiring to just sit there. The people in class eat all day long — candy, gluten free snacks, fruit, eggs, chips — it doesn’t help that we get snack breaks along with breakfast and lunch.

The best part are the labs — we get to actually set up like we are going to motion a joint and sometimes, if you are real good, they let you adjust. I got to do just that this week and I was thrilled!

I have been motioning joints out at the rescue farm and I got to adjust a couple of horses while out there; I just wasn’t positive about my response since I was doing it by myself. Yeah they looked like they improved but was that my brain trying to convince me that they had improved — you know what I mean?

Well, I got to adjust a couple of joints in Kansas and I must say that I could see a marked improvement — it was so exciting!

I always used to laugh when we had kids in the exam rooms — they would ask a million questions about what was I doing and every once in a while I would stick the stethoscope in their ears to let them listen. You could always tell when they heard the heart because their faces would light up and wonder would fill their eyes; I saw that on a lot of my classmates this week and I am sure they saw it on mine. It was awesome!

Well I still have to finish unpacking and get rid of my junk food so I will leave you to it. Rocket is hollering for me to practice on him — I’m coming buddy……………

Until next week –

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