Summertime at the Farm

Chris -- I adjusted him on 7/5 and when I returned on 7/7 he came running up for more "adjustment"

Chris — I adjusted him on 7/5 and when I returned on 7/7 he came running up for more “adjustment”

Well, we here in South Carolina don’t really know that it is summer time since all we have seen is rain. I looked up this morning and thought – hey, what is that blue thing? I have been doing a lot of time over at the Rescue Farm and let me tell you that the grass is thick but so is the mud. It has been fun trying out my new techniques on the rescues over at Big Oaks Rescue Farm.

I have been practicing my chiropractic techniques and in return for letting me practice, I have been treating some of the animals with my portable laser. The response from the animals and the rescue people has been positive.

A lot of the animals out at the farm have been neglected and just a little attention whether it be in the form of food, contact, or just talking makes them feel so much better. Some of the animals are young and could easily be adopted while a lot of them are much older and most likely will live out their life on the farm.

It is great fun to adjust or treat an animal that you’ve met for the first time and a few days later return only to have them come running up to greet you. They want the treatment again. They know when you are trying to help them and they love it.

One of the reasons I try to avoid adoption places is that I want to bring them home so each trip is a contest of wills between me and my subconscious — I’m afraid I am slowly losing that battle.

I am off to Kansas again to learn about chiropractic techniques on extremities and hopefully the weather will finally cooperate when I get out there. If you would like to volunteer some time, money, or would like to just meet and talk to some of the animals out at Big Oaks Rescue Farm — give them a holler and tell them Dr. Dicki sent you.

Talk to you soon!

PS – You can check out Big Oaks Rescue Farm on Facebook and see the remarkable transformations these animals have achieved with a little love and affection.

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