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Cassidy getting a massage!

Since I just recently accomplished getting my certification in massage therapy for canines, I thought I would give you reasons why massage therapy is so good for your pet. I have always recommended massage after doing flexion and extension exercises especially for pets with a medical problem because like most of us, our pets carry tension in the shoulders and neck a lot.

Now the massage therapy that I teach owners is basically a medium pressure massage that starts at the neck and moves down the body along the back, sides and abdomen along with a medium pressure down the legs to the toes. Any time you start a massage, you should finish it completely.

Make sure that you have enough time to finish doing the massage without interruptions because it ruins the flow if you have to answer the phone or go get a drink of water. This time should be just about your pet and your interaction with them.

Massage therapy dates back to ancient times since Julius Caesar’s masseuse also did his war dogs and documentation has been found in China dating back to 2700 BC.

Massage therapy really made its’ mark in the horse racing industry when the “rub down” became known as therapy by the US Equestrian Team in the 1970s. Canine massage became known in the 1990s.

Massage is used for rehabilitation, competition and relaxation. It is well documented to cause physiologic effects such as:

  • Relief from pain
  • Increase in flexibility and movement
  • Decrease in toxins in the body
  • Increased circulation
  • Improved athletic performance and endurance
  • Better focus and attitude
  • Decreased stress

A massage given by a certified individual can take 30 minutes or more and can help detect problem areas by monitoring the pet’s reaction. The therapist can help your veterinarian with diagnosis of your pet by keeping the vet in the loop of what she finds and feels. A certified massage therapist should be under the supervision of a veterinarian according to South Carolina Veterinary Law.

Massage therapy is a great adjunct to other traditional and complementary medicine. A great tool in the toolbox!

Book your pet a massage and while you are at it – make yourself one too!

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