Big Oaks Rescue Farm

Trying to practice chiropractic techniques on a horse, of course!

Trying to practice chiropractic techniques on a horse, of course!

It is that time again — time to load onto a plane and fly back to Kansas for another session of Options for Animals Chiropractic School. We learned about the pelvis last time and this time we are moving up the back. For my homework last time, I had to motion palpate 10 small animals and 10 horses. Now the small animals, I can just about do ten of them at my house and definitely get the homework done between my house and work but the horses — that was a little more difficult to do.

My size makes palpating horses hard anyway because most are taller than me (let’s face it most ponies are taller than me). Then to have to palpate ten of them — well most people I know don’t own horses and those who do only have a couple so that made this assignment more difficult. I called around a few places and finally found the Big Oaks Rescue Farm in Greenwood. This place has horses, dogs, geese, ducks, deer, goats, sheep, cows — you name it, they have rescued it. I was impressed with the help that they were willing to give a non-horse person and the time they took to help pick out the right horses for me to get a hand on to palpate.

The owners and helpers who worked with me were so kind, nice and patient. The farm is a non-profit and is it run on donations. Everybody hears about the humane society, dog pound, etc. but you hardly ever hear about the horses, cows, pigs, goats, etc that need rescuing also. I made a small donation to the farm for their time and effort but they were very enthusiastic about me coming back to learn more and to allow the animals to have more hands on time.

I saw some things that I think I can help with using my laser and acupuncture so needless to say when I get back from Kansas I will be back at Big Oaks Rescue Farm to learn more chiropractic techniques and to help heal what I can. Anybody who wants to help them out by making a donation of time, money or love — look at their website online and take a drive down. It is a nice place.

Thanks so much Big Oaks Rescue Farm! See you in a week or so!

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