Getting it Out in the Open

Mom and Lily putting on their makeup!

Mom and Lily putting on their makeup!

So I got in some major trouble last week; I wrote about my pet, Lily, having emergency surgery and about Morgan, my cat, escaping from the house. They are both fine and back home so no worries about them. I also noted in the blog that I would be going back to Kansas at the end of the month.

Well, I get a phone call Thursday night, two days after the blog comes out, and it is my mother; she is “fit to be tied”! She had to find out about the “grandchildren” on the blog and she read it late at night so she couldn’t call me. My mother did not understand about Lily’s surgery so she was scared and mad that I hadn’t told her. Honestly, I would have said something if it had not worked out but I didn’t think about it since they were fine. There was a lot of stuttering and apologizing going on during this conversation.

I also went and helped a friend out in Columbia last week; I found it funny that one of her clients let slip that she was taking the patient to a trial. There was a moment of silence as the truth slipped out and you could hear the desperate wish — I hope she didn’t hear me say that! Then the stuttering and backing up started — but only if it’s okay!

Even though they were different situations, they still had the same results — stuttering, backing up, apologizing, and hoping that you could get off the hook. It really didn’t work for either of us — the client or me! I was always of the mind that it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, but your actions don’t affect just you so that is the consequence we should consider.

I will try to be more open about what is going on and I hope that you all feel you can be open about your goals, thoughts, and dreams — it makes it easier than having to explain what, when, where and why.

Here’s to getting it out in the open and mom, I haven’t left anything out this time — you know all there is to know!

Have a great week!


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