Babes and Biscuits — Look for the Miracles

Rocket -- handsome boy

Rocket — handsome boy

So last week was a week of miracles with it being Easter week; the Christian faith has the miracles of Christ’s crucifixion, his disappearance from the crypt and his ascension into heaven. It got me to thinking about all the “little” miracles we see daily but don’t recognize because they aren’t impressive — miracles like the sun coming up each day, babies being born, and life itself.

I had miracles myself last week and in my opinion, they were major miracles and I would like to share them with you.

Rocket is a Schnauzer that comes to see me 3-4 times a week. He had a fibrocartilaginous embolism about 4 years ago and has been paralyzed since then. His family pulls him around in a quad cart, expresses his bladder for him and helps him to evacuate his bowels — now you mustn’t think that this is cruel or that he is unhappy. This little man is happy, healthy, loves to eat, loves to play and is loved immensely; he just can’t do some things by himself.

He comes in almost daily to the clinic and everyone who comes in the clinic is told “if he gets up and moves you get a free day of rehab”. Rocket has been working very diligently and very hard. In the past I saw Rocket about once a week for laser therapy and we tried some other treatments that helped but they weren’t enough.

Now Rocket comes in 3-4 times a week and we laser him every day along with underwater treadmill time daily and exercise in which we are playing but also helping to move his legs like they should. We also do the torture test where I place a toy in front of him and try to make him walk towards the toy.

Rocket’s front legs are drawn up with the left one near his ear and his neck wasn’t very strong before. Now with treatment the right front leg is almost able to extend to the floor and the left one will move downward more freely but his neck is getting very strong.

While I was in Kansas at chiropractic school, Rocket’s mom texted me that he had moved his cart a couple of feet; I was in tears — this is what we have been working toward. We all realize that Rocket will never walk without a cart but if he could move the cart on his own it would be fabulous. I also tease Rocket that he has to move the front arm in order to hold onto the girls so we are working for that also.

Last week, we had a new patient coming in on a daily basis — Sidy. Rocket and Sidy have been seeing each other across the room since they are both housed in my office right now.

We went outside and Rocket was in his cart: I pulled him out onto the grass and Sidy was on a leashed. Sidy is not leash trained so we were having a few typical leash tantrums. We are standing out there and I notice that Rocket has moved his cart a few inches. I get excited and of course I don’t have the video camera so I pull him to the sidewalk, pick Sidy up and go inside to get the video camera.

We come back out, I set Sidy down, turn the video camera on and Rocket starts to walk. I start recording Rocket and at this point Sidy decides to throw a major tantrum and I turn to pick him up. When I turn back around, Rocket has walked down the sidewalk and has urinated with every step. Rocket had walked over 110 inches and I missed it — I missed it. The only reason Rocket was still not walking was that his front wheel of the cart had fallen off the sidewalk and into a rut — his legs were still moving and he was still urinating but the cart was not moving.

I was ecstatic — disappointed to not capture it on film — but absolutely ecstatic. I texted everybody and phoned everybody but could not get anyone. I was through the roof and I finally get a hold of his mom and she is through the roof also. She took him home that night and she showed his daddy that he could move the chair. His mom came in the next morning and proceeded to tell me that he did well but he would only walk for the girls or for biscuits — babes and biscuits!

So now he is walking for babes and biscuits but at least he is moving. Needless to say we have tried several times to video tape him walking but we have missed it just about every time. I have small videos of a step or two but not a good long walk.

I have a video of the pee trail so here you go — look for the miracles.


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