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Learning to palpate and feel the motion in a pelvis- we took turns being a dog or a human.

Learning to palpate and feel the motion in a pelvis- we took turns being a dog or a human.

I went to chiropractic school in Kansas last week. The school is called Options for Animals and I must admit I went with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. I have never had chiropractic therapy, that I know of, and I just didn’t see how “cracking a spine” was going to cure a problem. I have also seen friends, colleagues and family members going to the chiropractor over and over but never really resolving their problems until now.

The first day or two I was a little overwhelmed by the terminology and the information was well written along with being presented in a good manner but I still had the “chip”. The instructors insisted that anyone who had not had chiropractic therapy on themselves had to let one of the chiropractors in the room adjust them — I was very reluctant and very leery — it looks violent and the loud popping was just too intense for me. Now in case you don’t know it, I am not really a touchy feely kind of person; I have improved over the years from backing away to actually allowing some people to hug me so this was a little too much hands on me.

The rest of the class seemed very “normal” about the whole touch thing except for veterinarians — it’s funny but we can let an animal climb all over us and not blink an eye but let someone lay a hand on your back, hip, leg and we all tensed up.

I finally let someone do my “adjustment” and she told me exactly what I expected to hear — my body is a mess! Years of work on my knees, crawling in the exam room, lifting too large of animals up, just general life in the day of a veterinarian but it is hard on a body. Kiley adjusted me and I must also admit that I did feel better — those little nagging aches seemed to be gone — it was great!

A lot of time was spent in lecture but the fun began when we actually got to lay hands on the animals — we palpated horses and dogs and learned how to start the process of adjustment. I haven’t been around horses much lately but I truly enjoyed working on them. The dogs were mostly rescues who were so glad to have hands on them, it was hard to hold them still long enough to work but this is also typical in the office.

We got a lot of snow on the last evening we were in class and most everybody had left for the day but I was still there with a few veterinarians and chiropractors. We were having fun discussing our cases, lives, interests while it continued to snow; finally, one of the instructors popped her head in and suggested we leave before it got too bad. As we were leaving I realized that I had lost something — my “chip” was gone; I had made new friends, new ideas were with me, and the old mindset of “chiropractic therapy” was changed — I had grown!

Have fun this week, learn something new, let go of outdated ideas and make some new friends! Hoppy Easter!  

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter!

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