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The room filling up at the SCAVT talk in Columbia -- first "official" talk!

The room filling up at the SCAVT talk in Columbia — first “official” talk!

So this weekend I gave a talk to the South Carolina Association of Veterinary Technicians in Columbia. I had been approached about giving this talk a few months ago and I was nervous about it but it was a chance to get me out there.

I agreed to give the talk and asked about how many they thought would be present and was told 20-30 people; a little nerve wracking but it was typical classroom speech size so I was okay.

I then got some handouts together, so I called about the number present and was told about 50 — eek! things were getting a little more scary but again I was going to be able to handle it.

I got my stuff packed, got dressed up, got in the truck and drove to Columbia. I went in to give my speech and there were about 70-80 people — yeah, I know — big whoop but it was already stressful and then slightly scary but all those people — aggghhh! it was absolutely frightening.

The speech went off, of course there were a couple of glitches but all in all I think it went well. The whole point of this is that all of us get this idea of how our pet is going to be, perform, do, etc. but then little things begin to get bigger and the next thing you know it is the elephant in the room.

Now I know you are thinking that I can’t compare my speech to your dog training but I can! The whole idea of training is to figure out those little glitches and allow you to grow and expand with your dog. I got up to do my speech and I had to rely on my weeks of practice, my notes, and then when things fell a little apart I had to improvise and ask for help from the moderator. She got the computer back to running normally and I continued with my talk — that is what you all have a trainer for — to help you improvise and to ask for help.

Your dog trainers are out there everyday figuring out how to improvise for each pet. They are getting continuing education, training their own pets to see how to improve, and figuring out how to improve you and your pet’s working relationship — use them, thank them for their insight and grow with them.

I have another talk due on Thursday to a group of students at Greenville Tech and then another in April for Spartanburg Kennel Club — believe me there will be improvising, growing and improving with each talk and none of it will be the same. Have a good week and have fun!




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