FitPAWS for Fit Dogs

FitPAWS Equipment

FitPAWS Equipment

As a rehabilitation veterinarian I use a lot of specialized tools to help a pet return to function or become more conditioned. One of the easiest and most complex pieces of equipment that I just love is the FitPAWS equipment.

FitPAWS is a Colorado based company that has been in the exercise ball market for over 20 years but in the canine market for only about 3 years. This product is made specifically for dogs and is used to condition canine athletes and to rehabilitate pets.

The equipment is built extra tough to deal with our exuberant pets and their nails but is also designed to give our pets a better gripping surface.

FitPAWS has a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all types of pets. The exercise balls look fun and easy but don’t let the bright colors fool you – they are difficult and can wear your pet out.

The FitPAWS equipment is used to develop core strength, balance, and proprioception (knowing where your feet are in space), muscle strength, bonding with you and fun!

There are numerous exercises that you can do whether partially on the ball, totally on the ball or stacked on numerous pieces of equipment.  The main concern is to be in control and to have fun while exercising.

The key to exercising with the balls is control and stabilization. Make sure your pet is able to do the exercises and you should be present to help with any issues.

I personally like the big peanuts because they allow me to stand and help the pet but they are cumbersome when you have to store them. The disks are much easier to store but you need to be on the level with your pet.

There are a ton of exercises and some pretty advanced techniques. YouTube has some amazing videos of pets using the FitPAWS equipment and FitPAWS has a website, blog, and Facebook presence if you should want to find out more about the company.

If you would like to try some equipment or need some help developing some exercises give us a call at ARCC – Animal Rehab & Conditioning Center, as we know I am a great enthusiast about these particular tools.

Callie on the FitPAWS Donut!

Callie on the FitPAWS Donut!

Go out this week and have a ball!

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