Boomer in his doggles

Boomer in his doggles

We were busy last week and it was nice. I found some new friends (furry and human), had a couple of open house days and generally was running around like crazy. You know the feeling — we all do it whether it is the holidays or whether it is the show season.

I have seen you getting yourself and your pet ready for the show. You are making sure you get your entry in on time, booking rooms, scheduling last minute training, last minute massage/rehab/laser, packing your stuff and your dog’s stuff, and you go through this craziness every week or two. It is fun, great, enjoyable and STRESSFUL!

I’ll admit that I was stressing before the open house — worried that I didn’t get enough food, drink, would anyone come — but once I got the stuff in place and sat down; I enjoyed myself. I am amazed by my dogs and they remind me constantly to just enjoy.

I have been trying to bring my two dogs to work with me but Cassidy, the big loveable mutt, stresses out the whole time she is at work.

Cassidy will pace, pant, whine and generally does not want to be here — she wants to go but she doesn’t like the car ride and she really doesn’t like staying in the office. By the end of the day — she is wigged out and I am stressed by trying to calm her. On the car ride home, she still is worried and stressed but the minute her feet hit the yard — whoosh! the stress falls away and she is fine. She wants to play, chase, love up against you; she becomes the love biscuit we all know.

The point is some stress is good for you but you need to relax and let things go once in a while. Give your dog and yourself a break. Take a day or two before the show and play – don’t train – let you and your dog have fun together.

On the day of the show, get there early and take some deep breaths; if you stress out then your dog picks up on it and they will stress. I know that you all train hard for the show and you want to win but it is also supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

Having said that, I got to run – I have a long list I need to do before the show this weekend – laundry, packing the car, unpacking and setting up at the show, making sure I have everything – acckkk!

Breathe deep and have fun! See you at the shows!

Cassidy in a Thundershirt with Stress Away on board -- Lily keeping her company

Cassidy in a Thundershirt with Stress Away on board — Lily keeping her company


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