Almost Ready!

Tom putting the Oasis H20 Underwater Treadmill into place

Tom putting the Oasis H20 Underwater Treadmill into place

Well, I was gone last week and part of this week to the North America Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Florida. I learned a lot at the meeting and met with a few old friends along with making a few new friends. I enjoyed myself and I got to see my family for a brief visit.

The best part of NAVC though was the coming home — woohoo! I was tired, missing my family (husband and furries) and I was sooo excited about seeing the treadmill in the clinic.

I came straight to the clinic after landing and ran through to take a picture; unfortunately, the guy was not quite as tickled to have his picture taken on the attack, but — oh well.

The installers have made a mess of what took me a while to clean up; like they say — you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

The Canine Sports Medicine tract at NAVC was two days this year — two whole days of Sports Medicine — it was intense but there are some cool things happening on the horizon for all of us. I learned a ton about orthotics and prosthetics in our pets — this field is fascinating.

I learned about minimally invasive fracture repairs — basically the surgeon makes a small slit above the fracture and below the fracture, threads the plate under the skin and tightens it at the ends; the results seem to heal much faster than the older method of opening the fracture area up and moving everything around.

I learned about some new custom bracing techniques — you heat it in the oven and form fit it to your pet; Martha Stewart better move over! I also learned about drug testing in pets — it has gotten scary when you can test positive for drugs in the meats you eat.

Between the Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Acupuncture and Rehabilitation classes — I am tired but I can’t wait to get that treadmill running; maybe I should go check on the installer! See you later!

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