Scheduling Time for You and Your Pet

Ursa getting a little pampering -- isn't she stylish?

Ursa getting a little pampering — isn’t she stylish?

I don’t know about you but this year, even though we are only two weeks into it, has been busy. I have worked the Clemson Show, had clients in the clinic already — yay!, my book club meeting, my civil war re-enactment meeting, and I participated in The Puppy Nanny’s two year birthday bash — whew! I need a break — but no rest for the weary (or wicked as my grandmother would say).

Now I am on my way to the North American Veterinary Conference in Florida. I know you are thinking — I will be out playing, but I am a very serious student so I will be in class from 8 until 5 each day. I don’t know about you but sitting in class all day long is so tiring. I am sure I will find some fun in my down time but I will be thinking of all I need to do back home.

I enjoy the classes most of the time and I usually learn some little tidbit that would be helpful for some pet I am seeing. My notes are usually littered with names to the side saying would this work for Cassidy, etc. Then I get home and have to find those tidbits again so I can call and speak with the owners about it.

All this rushing around has been exhilarating because it means we are finally starting with the business but it can be overwhelming and exhausting also. The point I am trying to make is that we all need to take a little time every once in a while and take a break. It could be as simple as sleeping in, having dinner with a friend, going to a movie, taking a walk — something that you don’t usually get to do because of your too busy life.

The same thing with your pet — if you spend each and every day — training, running, swimming, even though you love it — it can become boring. Spend some time just playing with your pet, cuddling, laying around — make it a special just you and me time with no other distractions. Now if you are lucky like me and have multiple pets that means that on lazy Sunday afternoons everybody piles in the bed together for a nap — doesn’t usually happen but occasionally we can do it.

This winter has been fairly mild so get out and enjoy a quiet time for you and your pet — take advantage of the New Year to start a new habit of pampering yourselves even if it is just for few minutes.  I will see you next week with lots of new ideas — have a good week!

Eekkk! I almost forgot when I return next week they will be putting the underwater treadmill in place — how am I going to concentrate now?!

Eekkk! I almost forgot about the underwater treadmill installation -- I will never concentrate now!

Eekkk! I almost forgot about the underwater treadmill installation — I will never concentrate now!

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