Are we ready to go in yet?

Are we ready to go in yet?

I cannot express how excited I am that we are finally open. It is not all in place yet and the underwater treadmill still has to be installed at the end of the month but we are open for business.

I have spent the last few years running around the Upstate helping pets with my laser, acupuncture and hands on but now we have a lot of tools at ARCC that will be so helpful now that we are up and running.

I was at the Clemson Dog Show this weekend and I got to talk to quite a few people. I took some great action shots and had some great conversations with pets and their owners.

The best thing about the show was getting to have fun with the dogs while playing on the FitPAWS equipment. I know that I tend to get on my soapbox a little about conditioning, warming up and cooling down appropriately, but that is my thing. I find that I have preached this so much that as I was talking to one competition owner — she said in the middle of our conversation — “oh, you and your balls”. Eh, what can I say?

Some of the equipment we have available at ARCC — Animal Rehab & Conditioning Center include:

  • Oasis H2O Underwater Treadmill — improves rehabilitation post injury or surgery, improves neurological injury, muscle strengthening, improves joint function, decreases pain, helps maintain fitness, sport conditioning
  • VetSystems Whirlpool — muscle strengthening, improves blood flow, releases endorphins, massage like therapy
  • Land Treadmills — increases strength, increases cardiovascular stamina, improves balance and proprioception
  • Pulsed Signal Therapy — decreases pain, decreases inflammation, helps non-union fractures to heal
  • Therapeutic Lasers — repairs tissue, decreases inflammation and decreases pain
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound — decreases pain, increases blood flow, improves tissue nutrition, decreases scar formation
  • E-stim — decreases pain, accelerates tissue healing, muscle strengthening, prevents disuse atrophy of the muscles
  • PetSafe Stance Analyzer — used to determine if your pet is standing square or has decreased weight on a foot
  • Therapeutic exercise equipment — improves balance and proprioception, increases strength, increases limb awareness, sport conditioning
  • Acupuncture — stimulates nerves, decreases pain, increases healing
  • Pain Management — decreases pain, elevates function of life, increases longevity

I tried to take a picture of me jumping for joy — it is difficult to time the shot with the jump by yourself; when my husband finally came to help I swear he made me jump just for the fun of it.

I got a couple in which you can see that I did actually leave the ground but 20-30 jumps later – this is still the best shot. Now I am going home to laser my knees and take pain meds!


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