Healing with Animals

Giving support and love where needed

This past week has been terrible with the news of Sandy Hook Elementary. It grieves our hearts and souls to hear about such tragedy. I know that when I have been faced with emotional turmoil one of my first defenses has been to cuddle something warm and furry. My dogs and cats will come and lay close to me allowing me to tell them my problems, cry, and just release what needs to be gone. They understand and know that I just need them to be — just be and they do it willingly (okay, not the cats so much). They sit there and give unconditional love so that I can begin to heal.

The animal community always amazes me at how much we pull together in times of hardship. Dogs and kittens are making their way to Newtown community for their part in the healing of those whose lives are in disarray. The Lutheran Church Charities sent 10 dogs to comfort people and just be there. The Kitten Associates and their “Kitties for Kids” program have also brought in animals to help people heal in this time of tragedy.

Other (non-human) companies are also giving of themselves to help with the healing such as Walgreens donating pictures of art, other companies donating art supplies, and tons of people donating their time and services. We are all pulling together in this time of need.

There are so many organizations out there who help heal with animals whether the wound be emotional, psychological, or physical. Organizations such as Service Dogs for the blind, deaf or disabled, Dogs for Autism, Patriot Service Dogs and many others that I can’t even begin to list. The point is that pets are used for healing in so many situations.

In this holiday season, let us be grateful for our furry friends and support one of your local animal organizations through either donation of time, money or supplies. We who own the furry creatures know how much comfort they can truly give.

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