Feeling Unnoticed

Thank You!

I have blogged about pets and rehabilitation for over a year. Each week I would send out a blog post about something to do with training, rehab, physical attributes and just life in general but I would only see a couple of people who would pay attention; this was disheartening. I felt like — why bother.

I have not blogged for a few weeks and even left the blog with a continuation that needed to be completed but once again, I did not hear anything so it felt like it didn’t matter. I started trying to put more on facebook — more pictures, more video and even though my blogs were also on facebook they did not generate much talk.

I recently asked a friend who works on facebook for another business about how they do things and generate so much attention with their blog — she laughed and said very few people actually pay attention to the blog but they keep on plugging for the one or two who need it. I expressed how discouraged I was and that no one read my blog — self pity, I know — imagine my surprise when a couple of people at the table said they always read it.

It turns out that I was not accounting for where they read it and my statistics weren’t being generated correctly. Now that is not to say that a “ton” of people read the blog but at least I know a few who are truly interested so I guess I will get back to the grindstone.

Thank you for making me work more for the business and for supporting me.


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