Growing Strong!

Sam starting February off right!

Sam starting February off right!

The month of January is over and it has flown for me! I was thinking about how last year I was sitting here in the office, cleaning and putting things away, hoping for someone to call — it was a worrisome time. I spent a lot of time thinking and worrying.

We do the same things with our pets – are we doing the right thing, did we miss something, what else can I do? Some people spend so much time gathering info from everyone that they basically do nothing.

I have a ton of ideas on what I should do everyday and I try to write most, not all, of them down. This allows me to take time out to sit and think about them when I am not so rushed. My favorite thinking time is actually while driving and I must admit it is easier to talk about it as I drive. I usually record my thoughts on my phone and then I can replay them.

Try to find a time of day that allows you to have some alone time, time to plan and think, time to assess what you are doing — it is good to gather information but you don’t overload yourself. Find a few people who are really informed and who you can connect with easily – use these people as your mentors and coaches.

Try to keep warm, dry and most of all worry free. Thanks for the first year!


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