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Hello all,

Well, here I am writing my first blog.  It is a scary adventure but one I take willingly.  I sit here writing this and I can’t help thinking about a lot of different firsts in my life.  My first pet, patient, performance, and business — all of them were extremely intimating but totally exhilarating at the same time.

  • Was I nauseous? Yes!
  • Did I want to quit? Yes!
  • Was I worried? Yes!

But when I sucked up my courage and went ahead with it — it turned out great!

  • Was it perfect? NO!
  • Did I mess up? Sure!

My mentor, Christine Kane, says that I took imperfect action and you know what – in the scheme of things it was fine.  It went well.

So now I am at another first and I am going to surge forward again.

I am opening ARCC — Animal Rehab & Conditioning Center which will be the first facility in the area.  Again, I am terrified, excited and worried but I know that this is what I want to do; what I am meant to do.

I want to be the FIRST person you think of when your pet has an issue.

I want to be the FIRST to assure you that your pet will get better.

I want to be your pet’s FIRST line of defense against pain.

I want to be FIRST to help you through the trying times.

NOW, who wants to be my FIRST patient?

We are Live!

The Animal Rehab and Conditioning Center’s web presence is now live!

We would like to apologize for the construction over the past few weeks and welcome all of our wonderful clients. We are looking forward to your continued business and hope that the website will provide an easy medium for our clients to communicate with us.

Please feel free to opt-in for our free e-book “What Do I Do Now, Doc? Ideas for a Lifetime with Your Pet” and check back here for further updates.

If you have any questions, contact us at