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Another Exciting Week!

Cassidy will be modeling Haute Doggie fashions with studs, skulls, and tutus!

Cassidy will be modeling Haute Doggie fashions with studs, skulls, and tutus!

Hello all — I have had another jam packed week and it has been exciting so I thought I would share it with you.

I gave a talk last Tuesday to the local veterinarian group about rehabilitation and what they can do in their clinics. It was frightening but it went well and I was asked some very good questions, complimented by quite a few and hopefully taught them a thing or two about pain management in their hospitals.

My dance group went to Greenville Glen, an assisted living facility, to entertain the residents. Most of them appeared sleepy and they were a very quiet group, but there were a couple of wild women who danced with us. These women were a hoot! I loved it!

I then gave another talk to the Cherokee Foothills Norwegian Elkhound Club about conditioning their pets. It was another lively discussion and I enjoyed speaking with them. Hopefully, they learned something to take home and use for their pets.

Lauren, a friend of mine, who is starting a Pet Fashion Association this weekend called to say that she had an interview scheduled with a TV station. Lauren lives in Chicago and the station wanted her to bring a few pets and put on a fashion show while promoting her association; of course she says yes! Well it turns out the TV station is in Charlotte!

Lauren calls frantic looking for dogs to be models — I tried to help but had a hard time finding pets for her. Long story short — I am taking a client’s dog Lenox, my two girls and Rocket to Charlotte tomorrow to do a fashion show!

Now when I was growing up, I just knew that I would be a world famous veterinarian (James Herriot’s fault) and I would be on TV saving the animals. Well be careful what you wish for because it could come true — maybe not quite the way you thought but it could come true. So now my two dogs, along with Rocket and Lenox, are going to be famous and on TV while I just become the handler and chauffeur — lol! Not only that but they will be better dressed than I and in more expensive clothes!

I will be at Waggin’ in the Water Park this weekend in Greer — come by and see me. Til then, have a great week!

Wild women at Greenville Glen -- what a hoot!

Wild women at Greenville Glen — what a hoot!



Saying Goodbye to Summer

There's no place like home!

There’s no place like home!

Well, the summer is coming to an end and fall is just around the corner. I am finally back from Kansas with a successful completion and certification of the chiropractic course. There are a lot of events coming up over the next few weeks. Just when I thought I would get to rest a little, I have to get started full force again but it is all in fun.

I spent the weekend at the Waggin’ in the Water Park event at Discovery Island and I must say those dogs were having crazy fun! There were games of chase, ball, swimming, wrestling, lots of cookies from all the vendors and that was just the owners — lol! I must admit that I predict there were a lot of sore dogs and sore owners the next day. I could not tell who was getting the most exercise.

One of my favorite pets was a little Boston Terrier — he kept going to the other booths and getting large bone treats which he would bring to me, drop gently in front of me and then beg for my treats which he would eat. I had a little row of bones where he kept going and coming back; at one point, he even walked up to a cute little girl and dropped the bone in front of her before coming to me for the “good treat”. He was the cutest thing ever!

Another favorite was a small poodle who obviously really didn’t like the swimming part but was a ball fanatic! The tennis ball was about as big as his whole body but he would tear down the sidewalk to get the ball, bring it back to his owner, and then gently nudge it until the owner threw it again.

So this coming week I am giving 2 different talks — one to the local veterinarians and the other to the local Norwegian Elkhound club along with work, life, and the pursuit of the last days of summer. I enjoy when the weather begins to cool off a little. Then on the 21st we get to do the other Waggin’ in the Water Park only this one is in Greer — hope to have as much fun at this next one as I had this weekend.

Enjoy these days of summer and take some time out to just play. Here are some pictures of the weekend for all of us to enjoy —

Gotta ball!

Gotta ball!

Family affair -- everybody swims!

Family affair — everybody swims!

Chillin' at the water park!

Chillin’ at the water park!

Dachshund swimming his heart out!

Dachshund swimming his heart out!

waiting patiently to go back in -- right!

waiting patiently to go back in — right!

Exciting Things Happening

Traveling to class

Traveling to class

Hey all! I have had a busy week — yay! We are  growing and it is thanks to you all for supporting us.

We have had some exciting happenings this week:

Rocket wagged his tail just to be wagging — this doesn’t usually happen so we were tickled with it and he acts like we are being stupid.

I got my picture taken and will be one of the features in the Natural Awakenings magazine.

I am heading to Kansas for the last chiropractic class with lots of tests involved in this week but I am glad this is almost over!

I have been invited to speak to a couple of organizations — makes me nervous but is exciting also.

I have signed ARCC up as a vendor at the local “Bark in the Park” event and both “Waggin’ at the Water Park” events.

And best of all, one of my favorite patients — Kick — got her UDX this weekend. It has been a long road but we brought her back from her injury and she is “kickin'” butt!

This is just a quick note because I have got to go home and pack so I can leave this afternoon. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend and I will see you next week!

Time is Flying By

Time is Flying By ........

Time is Flying By ……..

I don’t know about you but it seems that this year is flying by me.

Have you ever noticed that when you want something to happen that it takes forever and then when you aren’t paying attention it is suddenly there?

That is how this year has done me — I couldn’t wait to get open and I had so many plans about what I was going to do and how I was going to do it and it dragged by so slow. Then we were open and suddenly I couldn’t get anything done because it was happening so fast.

The summer has done the same thing to me!  I know I have been working a lot of hours, I am doing some relief work and I am taking classes along with the rest of my life but really — why aren’t there more hours in the day?

I suffer from the same addiction as most everyone — I want to do it all and it is just not possible. I think I need an intervention — oh wait that is what vacation is for!

I know a lot of you out there are the same as me and you are trying to put too much stuff to do in 1 day. I am a list maker  — I love to make a list of things I need to do, want to do, need to get, etc. and then it gives me great pleasure to mark them off the list. I do this every single day and I use a program to help me with the list.

The list has been getting longer and longer — don’t get me wrong I am checking things off and it looks like I am doing a lot but then there are things that I have been meaning to do for a long time and keep avoiding them.

I need to get them off the list — somehow, someway — I know I will do them all over the weekend in between going to the farm for homework, meeting my book club, getting groceries, laundry, cleaning house….oh no

The point of this whole article is to remind ourselves that we need to take time and recharge, refuel, and just reset.

I took about 5 minutes last night to work with my girls on the FitPAWS equipment — I stopped doing all the little things that take up time and just spent the time with my dogs.

Those 5 minutes meant a lot to them because they basically wander around behind me after I get home from work and sneak in a few little pets when I am distracted but those 5 minutes of intentional attention was heaven.

They got mom totally focused on them and I got the quiet time I needed to unwind. I could have used a lot more but it was more than I had gotten in a few days — it was great and so easy!

Take time this week to reconnect with your family, friends and pets by just focusing on one task for a few minutes. Don’t think about the list, the laundry, the groceries — just feel the moment!

Have a great week!



Foothills Cluster 7/2013

Hey everybody! It was a long weekend with the Foothills Cluster Dog Show in town and I worked it — whew! I am tired. I have tried to think of a good subject for today’s blog but instead decided we should just sit back, relax and have a little fun — so we are going to have a hinny contest!

I took some pictures over the weekend and we are going to see if you can identify the breed of dog but the hind-end — now I must apologize to the small dogs because the ring in front of me contained Dalmatians all weekend and that is about all I saw. Here are the few different breeds I did see — ready, set, go!









gkc show 7-13 053 gkc show 7-13 051gkc show 7-13 042

Unfortunately got most of the dog in this picture

Unfortunately got most of the dog in this picture

this was hard to catch with the tail still

this was hard to catch with the tail still

Start you off easy

Start you off easy

















Okay — 10 hinnies — 10 points.  I know the answers — do you? Have fun!

Chiropractic Update – Getting the Awe Factor!

Classmates in Options for Animals class -- note all the candy

Classmates in Options for Animals class — note all the candy

Hello all — it has been a very long week. Kansas was not too bad and the weather was actually sunny; something we haven’t seen much of in South Carolina this year.

The hard part about Kansas is sitting in the chairs all day long listening to lecture and trying very hard not to nod off. It’s not that the material isn’t interesting (okay sometimes it is not interesting) but that it is tiring to just sit there. The people in class eat all day long — candy, gluten free snacks, fruit, eggs, chips — it doesn’t help that we get snack breaks along with breakfast and lunch.

The best part are the labs — we get to actually set up like we are going to motion a joint and sometimes, if you are real good, they let you adjust. I got to do just that this week and I was thrilled!

I have been motioning joints out at the rescue farm and I got to adjust a couple of horses while out there; I just wasn’t positive about my response since I was doing it by myself. Yeah they looked like they improved but was that my brain trying to convince me that they had improved — you know what I mean?

Well, I got to adjust a couple of joints in Kansas and I must say that I could see a marked improvement — it was so exciting!

I always used to laugh when we had kids in the exam rooms — they would ask a million questions about what was I doing and every once in a while I would stick the stethoscope in their ears to let them listen. You could always tell when they heard the heart because their faces would light up and wonder would fill their eyes; I saw that on a lot of my classmates this week and I am sure they saw it on mine. It was awesome!

Well I still have to finish unpacking and get rid of my junk food so I will leave you to it. Rocket is hollering for me to practice on him — I’m coming buddy……………

Until next week –

Summertime at the Farm

Chris -- I adjusted him on 7/5 and when I returned on 7/7 he came running up for more "adjustment"

Chris — I adjusted him on 7/5 and when I returned on 7/7 he came running up for more “adjustment”

Well, we here in South Carolina don’t really know that it is summer time since all we have seen is rain. I looked up this morning and thought – hey, what is that blue thing? I have been doing a lot of time over at the Rescue Farm and let me tell you that the grass is thick but so is the mud. It has been fun trying out my new techniques on the rescues over at Big Oaks Rescue Farm.

I have been practicing my chiropractic techniques and in return for letting me practice, I have been treating some of the animals with my portable laser. The response from the animals and the rescue people has been positive.

A lot of the animals out at the farm have been neglected and just a little attention whether it be in the form of food, contact, or just talking makes them feel so much better. Some of the animals are young and could easily be adopted while a lot of them are much older and most likely will live out their life on the farm.

It is great fun to adjust or treat an animal that you’ve met for the first time and a few days later return only to have them come running up to greet you. They want the treatment again. They know when you are trying to help them and they love it.

One of the reasons I try to avoid adoption places is that I want to bring them home so each trip is a contest of wills between me and my subconscious — I’m afraid I am slowly losing that battle.

I am off to Kansas again to learn about chiropractic techniques on extremities and hopefully the weather will finally cooperate when I get out there. If you would like to volunteer some time, money, or would like to just meet and talk to some of the animals out at Big Oaks Rescue Farm — give them a holler and tell them Dr. Dicki sent you.

Talk to you soon!

PS – You can check out Big Oaks Rescue Farm on Facebook and see the remarkable transformations these animals have achieved with a little love and affection.

Big Oaks Rescue Farm

Trying to practice chiropractic techniques on a horse, of course!

Trying to practice chiropractic techniques on a horse, of course!

It is that time again — time to load onto a plane and fly back to Kansas for another session of Options for Animals Chiropractic School. We learned about the pelvis last time and this time we are moving up the back. For my homework last time, I had to motion palpate 10 small animals and 10 horses. Now the small animals, I can just about do ten of them at my house and definitely get the homework done between my house and work but the horses — that was a little more difficult to do.

My size makes palpating horses hard anyway because most are taller than me (let’s face it most ponies are taller than me). Then to have to palpate ten of them — well most people I know don’t own horses and those who do only have a couple so that made this assignment more difficult. I called around a few places and finally found the Big Oaks Rescue Farm in Greenwood. This place has horses, dogs, geese, ducks, deer, goats, sheep, cows — you name it, they have rescued it. I was impressed with the help that they were willing to give a non-horse person and the time they took to help pick out the right horses for me to get a hand on to palpate.

The owners and helpers who worked with me were so kind, nice and patient. The farm is a non-profit and is it run on donations. Everybody hears about the humane society, dog pound, etc. but you hardly ever hear about the horses, cows, pigs, goats, etc that need rescuing also. I made a small donation to the farm for their time and effort but they were very enthusiastic about me coming back to learn more and to allow the animals to have more hands on time.

I saw some things that I think I can help with using my laser and acupuncture so needless to say when I get back from Kansas I will be back at Big Oaks Rescue Farm to learn more chiropractic techniques and to help heal what I can. Anybody who wants to help them out by making a donation of time, money or love — look at their website online and take a drive down. It is a nice place.

Thanks so much Big Oaks Rescue Farm! See you in a week or so!

Getting it Out in the Open

Mom and Lily putting on their makeup!

Mom and Lily putting on their makeup!

So I got in some major trouble last week; I wrote about my pet, Lily, having emergency surgery and about Morgan, my cat, escaping from the house. They are both fine and back home so no worries about them. I also noted in the blog that I would be going back to Kansas at the end of the month.

Well, I get a phone call Thursday night, two days after the blog comes out, and it is my mother; she is “fit to be tied”! She had to find out about the “grandchildren” on the blog and she read it late at night so she couldn’t call me. My mother did not understand about Lily’s surgery so she was scared and mad that I hadn’t told her. Honestly, I would have said something if it had not worked out but I didn’t think about it since they were fine. There was a lot of stuttering and apologizing going on during this conversation.

I also went and helped a friend out in Columbia last week; I found it funny that one of her clients let slip that she was taking the patient to a trial. There was a moment of silence as the truth slipped out and you could hear the desperate wish — I hope she didn’t hear me say that! Then the stuttering and backing up started — but only if it’s okay!

Even though they were different situations, they still had the same results — stuttering, backing up, apologizing, and hoping that you could get off the hook. It really didn’t work for either of us — the client or me! I was always of the mind that it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, but your actions don’t affect just you so that is the consequence we should consider.

I will try to be more open about what is going on and I hope that you all feel you can be open about your goals, thoughts, and dreams — it makes it easier than having to explain what, when, where and why.

Here’s to getting it out in the open and mom, I haven’t left anything out this time — you know all there is to know!

Have a great week!


Stuff Happens!

This was not my Lily -- she was a very unhappy camper with the cone on her head.

This was not my Lily — she was a very unhappy camper with the cone on her head.

I had a rough time last week with my pets and I wasn’t the only one to have problems. My littlest ended up having emergency surgery for a pyometra — it was a closed pyometra which means she didn’t show signs of being ill until almost too late. We had to take her for surgery and on top of that one of our cats got outside.

Morgan was a feral cat that we had brought inside and we have to be very careful about the doors because she will make a dart for them. While trying to get Lily outside with her cone on her head, Morgan saw the perfect opportunity and skedaddled.  Now it’s not that Morgan doesn’t love us or want to be held anytime you are sitting down it is just that every once in a while she gets a wild hair and takes a walkabout.

Last time Morgan had a walkabout she was gone for about 6-8 weeks and we thought gone for good but then she shows up like nothing has ever happened. I’m hoping that this time we can find her much quicker and not have to worry so much.

Lily was extremely sick for a couple of days but now she is milking us for more attention even when she really doesn’t need it; but do I tell the baby no — not!

In the meanwhile, a friend is having some issues herself and needs help with her practice while she is off for recovery. I told her I would be able to work for her one day a week while she is recovering so at least she has some peace of mind. This means that my practice will be closed down one day a week while I cover for her in Aiken or Columbia.

The point of all this is that stuff happens! You can plan for everything but eventually something is going to get in the way and you are going to have to punt. It’s good to have friends and family to call on when in need. You don’t have to wait for it to be major before you reach out.

Lily and Morgan both taught me last week to not take anything for granted — make sure everyone knows how you feel about them, take time to connect, and be there for someone else. This is how we all connect — this is how we prosper — and this is how we grow!

Take time to get outside in the sunshine and have fun this week!