Stuff Happens!

This was not my Lily -- she was a very unhappy camper with the cone on her head.

This was not my Lily — she was a very unhappy camper with the cone on her head.

I had a rough time last week with my pets and I wasn’t the only one to have problems. My littlest ended up having emergency surgery for a pyometra — it was a closed pyometra which means she didn’t show signs of being ill until almost too late. We had to take her for surgery and on top of that one of our cats got outside.

Morgan was a feral cat that we had brought inside and we have to be very careful about the doors because she will make a dart for them. While trying to get Lily outside with her cone on her head, Morgan saw the perfect opportunity and skedaddled.  Now it’s not that Morgan doesn’t love us or want to be held anytime you are sitting down it is just that every once in a while she gets a wild hair and takes a walkabout.

Last time Morgan had a walkabout she was gone for about 6-8 weeks and we thought gone for good but then she shows up like nothing has ever happened. I’m hoping that this time we can find her much quicker and not have to worry so much.

Lily was extremely sick for a couple of days but now she is milking us for more attention even when she really doesn’t need it; but do I tell the baby no — not!

In the meanwhile, a friend is having some issues herself and needs help with her practice while she is off for recovery. I told her I would be able to work for her one day a week while she is recovering so at least she has some peace of mind. This means that my practice will be closed down one day a week while I cover for her in Aiken or Columbia.

The point of all this is that stuff happens! You can plan for everything but eventually something is going to get in the way and you are going to have to punt. It’s good to have friends and family to call on when in need. You don’t have to wait for it to be major before you reach out.

Lily and Morgan both taught me last week to not take anything for granted — make sure everyone knows how you feel about them, take time to connect, and be there for someone else. This is how we all connect — this is how we prosper — and this is how we grow!

Take time to get outside in the sunshine and have fun this week!

6 Responses to Stuff Happens!

  • Carol and Rowdy/Hershey/Cash and Shepard says:

    So true. It must be in the air lately. I’m living the same song, second verse myself. Nothing to do but count our blessings, hold hands and be grateful for the wonderful people in our lives.

  • rhonda and riley and sierra says:

    So true….take time to enjoy every minute of every day and keep loving on your animals, they are precious to each of us. Hope your pup recoveries quickly and your cat comes back soon. thinking of you.

    • Dr. Dicki Kennedy says:

      We hope so too but thank you for your good thoughts! Lily is doing fine now — just milking the injury for all it’s worth!

  • Kit Miracle says:

    We should hug our animals and people more.. kallie also decided to go crazy last week. She tried to eat her weight in Easter Candy… All better now and was able to pay the Vets salary for at least 2 days… Did you get my Emil earlier bout the Alt Vet I use?

    • Dr. Dicki Kennedy says:

      I know I paid a vet’s salary for at least 2 days and unfortunately it wasn’t mine — lol! Yes I got your email — thank you for the address. Hope Kallie feels better.

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